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Financial Literacy and Housing Institute

The purpose of the Financial Literacy and Housing Institute (the Institute) programs is to train and coach low and moderate income citizens in the skills and knowledge necessary to build personal wealth. Personal wealth refers to improvements in personal finances, homeownership and job skills; and small business development.

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Homebuyer Education Workshop

The Institute sponsors an 8-hour Homebuyer Education workshop that provides information about the resources and steps involved in purchasing a home. The successful completion of this class is required to qualify for various home financing (mortgage) products, down payment assistance and other services provided by Prosperity.

Homebuyer Education Workshops Schedule

HBE Workshop Registration and Payment

To register call:

IMPORTANT: Workshops will be cancelled without notice, if registration is below five participants. In case of inclement weather or low workshop registration, we will call all registered participants by 6:00 p.m. the day before class to verify whether the workshops will be held.

A Registration Fee is required. Call for the current fee.

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Down Payment Assistance Program

Depending upon availability of funds, participants in the Institute can apply for financial assistance to be applied toward the down payment and closing costs for the purchase of a new home. To qualify for down payment assistance, participants must meet strict eligibility criteria based on but not limited to the following:

  • Income eligibility based on family size and income;
  • Acceptable mortgage loan.
  • Location of house
  • Age of home

Contact Prosperity to complete an application to find out whether you may be eligible for down payment and closing cost assistance.

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Credit Awareness

A common factor that keeps individuals from purchasing their own home is poor credit. This program helps individuals understand their credit report, improve their credit score and solve credit problems.

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Delinquency and Foreclosure Intervention Program

This program provides one-on-one consulting services to individuals who are falling behind on their home mortgage payments and face the threat of losing possession of their homes by means of foreclosure.

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Predatory Lending Education and Refinancing Program

Low and moderate income individuals are often at risk of acquiring personal and home loans with excessive interest and other charges. The Predatory Lending Education and Refinancing Program offers one-on-one assistance to individuals who are experiencing financial distress resulting from such loans. Through this program, Prosperity’s staff consults, confidentially, with individuals to review their budget and evaluate options for repairing their credit and replacing their existing loan with a better loan. In the process, individuals learn how to guard against predatory lending practices and become wiser borrowers and money managers in the future.

Upon request, any person will receive a review of the terms of your existing home mortgage loan(s) and your refinancing prospects, at no charge.

To learn more about predatory lending, go to Center for Responsible Lenders

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